Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Abbey returns...

 Downton Abbey 
Season 2
 Airing in Great Britain on Sep 18th, the new season of Downton Abbey will pick up two years later from where the first season ended. WWI is already in full swing and quite a lot of changes are happening around the manor since last we saw.

Ohoo can't wait for these. I absolutely loved the first season.

Link to watch Season One here.

This series wont be showing in the USA until Jan'18th of 2012...but as was the case last year...hopefully I will be able to post a link to the season episodes shortly after they air in GB. So we wont have to wait that long. Yayy...

Take a look at the season promos below...

 Season 1

Season 2

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  1. yes indeedy...I tried a different commenting template and didn't care for it too took it off and welp...deleted your comments again. :) OMG. Anyhoo...thanks girls for commenting. You must tell me what you think of the new series when it airs...

    @Leah: yes, Maggie Smith is definitely a complete scene stealer for me whenever she shows up. She makes her characters so believable and seems effortless. Love her.


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