Thursday, September 22, 2011

Umbrella, please
To keep going. 
That is most certainly the challenge amidst the chaos of cloudbursts and life's torrential downpours. 

That come what may... 
God will be there right beside us to unfurl the raincoats and umbrellas–to help us alleviate the deluge that has hastened to our doorstep.

Burdens too heavy to be born, need only be offered up.
Gladly they will be shouldered by another. Bigger. Stronger. 

Thank you, Father.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Abduction Club

((update 9/25/11))

I have been wanting to post a Period Drama Spotlight on this movie for simply EVER, and initially  was unable to find a link for you to watch it. And I refuse to post spotlights on here if there is no way to get a hold of them I mean, how totally frustrating would that be??

So was the case with this movie...couldn't rent, buy, steal or spy out where it was hiding.... until now!

And because it is unavailable (especially for us Americans) and that reason only,  I have uploaded it from a friend in Belgium who happened upon it... and it's on a secondary site.

What's the title of this hard to find, not widely known, fun piece of period drama gem-ery???

Drum roll.......please.

The Abduction Club
Loosely based on real life events, this movie is set in Ireland in the 18th century, and follows a 
group of rich and noble "second born sons" who, since they will not inherit a large fortune or their family's estate, adopted the custom of "abducting" wealthy heiresses from their homes for a day or two in hopes that they will be able to woo and properly convince the lady to marry them. 

The idea is to pick a lady that they already have an established relationship with so the chances of 
her saying yes, are much higher. 

This story follows two rather reckless young men, Garrett Byrne and James Strang, as they attempt to pull off a successful abduction and the chaos and unexpected conflicts that arise from their hastily made choices of two headstrong sisters who don't take too kindly to being treated in such slipshod

 I just love this movie.
It's so cute, and such a good laugh.
And a must share with you.

And such a crazy idea, eh?? I had no idea this custom was ever practiced.

Noooo, thankyou.

So you have to tell me what you think, and/or let me 
know if you've already seen it!

To watch The Abduction Club movie:
message me for video files@
Happy Viewing!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Abbey returns...

 Downton Abbey 
Season 2
 Airing in Great Britain on Sep 18th, the new season of Downton Abbey will pick up two years later from where the first season ended. WWI is already in full swing and quite a lot of changes are happening around the manor since last we saw.

Ohoo can't wait for these. I absolutely loved the first season.

Link to watch Season One here.

This series wont be showing in the USA until Jan'18th of 2012...but as was the case last year...hopefully I will be able to post a link to the season episodes shortly after they air in GB. So we wont have to wait that long. Yayy...

Take a look at the season promos below...

 Season 1

Season 2
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