Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Years Go By...

The sun is stretching her long, golden fingers through my window panes as I savor the remaining few hours of sunlight left of this day. I should be preparing to go to work about now. 

Grabbing scrubs off their hangers which I will then Frisbee back into their darkened closet upon un-clothing them. Ten points if I get them to hang on the rail. 

I should probably fry up that last veggie burger I have in the freezer ((did I mention it's an eden burger ahh truly the best veggie burger ever invented)) and guzzle some of that 32 ounces of water I am way behind in consuming for today. 

I really need to run a comb through my wayward, frizzed out locks and try to assemble them into some
kind of neat looking updo so I don't horrify and/or stupefy the general public any more than they probably already are as they enter the ER.

Instead here I sit typing away on my laptop, sheepishly hanging my head at being caught on here, as I catch the reproachful gaze of Mr. Pancks ((my kitty)) staring at me from across the room. Course, it could be that he wants me to feed him. That too.

But I can't help it! I have allowed myself to be sidetracked as thoughts keep bombarding my mind. I wanted to corral some of them, put them down in writing.

Last week I had such a lovely time with my brother who flew in from California and my Aunt who flew in from Florida. It was so very nice to all be together. They came up to spend some time with my mother as she has been in the hospital for seemingly ages. It's been so very tough dealing with this crisis and family being at hand is such a relief. Burdens don't feel as heavy when extra shoulders are around to help support.

And then today.
I had such a lovely visit with some old friends from New York. Family, really. 
My family grew up with their family for much of my childhood.  
There were those summers they would all pile up in cars and come to visit with us once we had moved from Long Island to upstate NY. 

Summer weekends filled with Jail Break, barbecues, wading through creeks, and running through grass barefoot, the inevitable banged up knees and scrapes, laughing so hard we'd cry, eating so much we felt we'd burst, and sleeping for as little time we could get away with before we'd do it all again the next day. 
The years have gone by.
Time has changed us all. We've grown up.
Some have started families of their own.
Careers have come ((and for me have gone and then come again and then gone again :))

Summer is no longer a season of time that seems like it stretches on for ages, filled with carefree fun, no responsibilities and endless adventures to be had.

For me, in particular,  it's felt like winter for quite some time. I've never been in a hospital as much as I have in this past year and that is not including work.

While life experiences may have jaded us a bit, forced us to change directions, give up some dreams...and while we may have all gotten a few more 
age lines and some time-won wisdom....people––friends, they remain. Like family. It's a steady thing. Relationships grow, change and hopefully get better with age.
For me they have, and I thank God for this.

It's nice to know that while some things change, I know I can see friends that I haven't seen for years and it feels like not one of those summer days has gone by. Sure, many of the illusions of youth may have gone but something different, even better has replaced it.

Encouragement and support for each of our life's journeys is given. Worries and concerns can be easily shared. And in so doing, our burdens feel smaller.

We are reminded that Jesus is right here in the midst of everything. 
He never changes.
Friends and family are a gift from Him.
To help us share the load and step forth outside our door and face whatever may come.

Things feel lighter already. Especially when friends and family are around. 

For this I am truly grateful! 

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