Thursday, June 16, 2011

Winter Just A Breath Away

Ooh ooh, yay! I love this time of year! A few reasons why...

Being able to step outside my door and then colliding with the crisp, chilliness of a Fall morning.

Wishing upon a wish, that this is the coldest it's going to get before being met with Spring again, next year.

Seeing the leaves turn amazing, brilliant colors and then flutter down to carpet the ground at my feet.

Rummaging through bins of warmer clothes, and sweaters, and scarves, and boots, that have been lying dormant for the past six months.

Seeing what needs to be ironed, what can be allowed to join the ranks of my closet through the winter, and what's left, that should have been thrown out–5 years ago!

The scrumptious sensation of downing a hot bowl of spicy chili-eh hem...vegetarian style, of course. Mmhh. Which can be especially enjoyed in the winter months.

Ahh, and the anticipation of the holidays, as they are about to come tumbling upon us, before we can even say turkey or ToFurkey :)

Sitting in a bookstore cafe, sipping pumpkin and chai tea lattes with my sister, making lengthy Christmas gift lists.

I love it because it means spending time with family members who come near and far to be together again. To catch up, and be silly, and loud, and eat lots of food, and have everyone let out collective groans when the cameras are randomly pulled out–usually after we've just stuffed pie into our mouths.

Yes, yes. Good times. The best of times.

Here's wishing everyone a very safe and happy holiday season to come.  
More posts on this subject to come...

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