Thursday, June 16, 2011

What Really Counts...

A friend once reminded me of this phrase, this truth. It comes back to haunt me every so often. Quite frequently of late. After I've forgotten all about is sure to come clamoring back into my head and heart...

As I go about my daily routines. Cooking and cleaning, working and planning, day goes like this...

Today is what counts...

What I do and say and think about and be–in this day is what counts...

Not the things I accomplished two weeks ago.
Not the place I will have arrived at a year from now, or even tomorrow.

But, today.

God lives in the here and now.

I've hinted at this in posts previous to this one–my desire to live with this in mind. At my forefront. But it comes back to haunt me. Because it is just such a challenge!!!

As a society we all seem to wish for the weekend with fanatical longing. Striving for that illusive day in the future, that never lasts long at all. That day where we can relax. Yes, indeedy. I know this thinking pattern well.

But I'm tired of this! Tired of thinking this way. It always seems like such a waste. A waste of my time, now. I always know when I loose site of this truth because I have these niggling thoughts that arrive in my brain and wont let my mind alone.

They chant: "More...more...there has to be more."

There has to be more to life today then what I am doing tomorrow...

More in each and every day that I am living. If I'm always wishing for tomorrow, I forget to be on the lookout for today. Because God lives in the now. He has something for me and you each and every day. Every hour. How about every minute?

LOL... that would be pretty intense...

Hmhh....It's an interesting thought for sure, though. Every minute??

But why not, I ask you?

There is a treasure to be found in every task. A drop of insight. A slice of wisdom to be imparted. We just have to be on the lookout...

I'm always in so much of a rush to keep Him compartmentalized. In this particular slot. At such and such a time.

But He's so much BIGGER, than all of that. And has so much more to share with us on an ongoing, perpetual minute by minute, hour by hour basis that I regret to say that more times than I could ever keep track of, I have missed out. I know this to be true. I get continually lost in self focus. All about me and my plans and stuff.

As I go about my day, I am determined to find the treasures in it, as I live through it. Now.

Yes. I am determined to live in the right now. To enjoy the most out of each moment. To learn to listen with each passing second. Listen for Him. Listen to Him. And pour my heart out in return.

Not an easy task. Not when life is constantly demanding stuff from us. But that doesn't leave me off the hook when it comes down to it. I'm still responsible for me. And my relationship with Him.

The kind of relationship that sounds dynamic. Irresistible.  Living and breathing. Right now.

Um...yes, please, Lord. And Father, can you please help me to remember this truth!

Today is the day that counts for eternity. 

To live with God as my goal and purpose through each day.

I mean, if not for Him, then what else–whom else– am I truly living for. Right?

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