Thursday, June 16, 2011

Unhinged Shoppers and My Patheticism

So yesterday, I just couldn't see subjecting myself to shopping malls and electronic stores–during the busiest shopping day of the year–BlackFriday.

Shoppers, and in particular, women who, under normal acquaintance, are average, respectable, law abiding mom's, sisters and wives, on this particular day every year, magically morph into elbowing, consumer ruffian's who shove children and frail ladies up against metal shelves in their haste to grab the door buster flat screen tv's and designer coach bags at some fantastically, discounted price.  

Yipes....NO THANK YOU.

I'll be honest, for my part, I don't really find it enjoyable to stand in line. For anything. For any great length of time...Ever. Its tedious!

Brace yourself now, I feel like I am uttering sacrilege here, but shopping tends to boar and wear me out. After like 5 minutes. I'm over it–before it barely begins. My back and feet usually start aching after like 10 minutes and then, well, you can stick a knife in me, because I'm DONE. Ready to go home!

That's why I adore online shopping. Yay. No hassle involved. 1-2-3 click and boom, purchase made.

Now, with that said, don't get me wrong, it's not like I don't ever like to go out shopping.
And Christmas shopping, in particular, can be very pleasant. All the sights and sounds and smells of special gift and food items and the accomplishment one feels at being able to cross names off of your christmas list and know that you have just the gift that will bring a sparkle to their eyes and merriment to their heart.

I just don't like to shop under any kind of pressure or rush, ya know?
So I found myself standing in a rather long line of mothers, fathers and happily chattering children, as I waited to purchase a movie ticket, instead.

As I stared at all their beaming faces I felt a scowl turning down the corners of my mouth. Thunderclouds rolled in over my mind.
I began debating back and forth to myself, as to whether or not I was excruciatingly pathetic to be standing in line for tickets to an animated fairy-tale flick that a bunch of children were going to see. And here I was, still single–husband and childless, still unclear as to the exact direction my life is headed in, and fast approaching the big 3-0. Say whhaat?

That was when I was handed the nerdiest pair of black 3D glasses I've ever seen and told to wear them.  
Could they be any more uncomfortable or ugly?
I covertly slipped them into my jacket pocket, hoping that no one else saw the clear evidence of what I was about to go see.
I'm sure I heard, as I turned to go inside, a few women jabbing their husbands and letting out loud guffaws, as they pointed in my direction and exclaimed, "how pitiful that poor creature is"!

Once inside the darkening movie theater, I shoved those ridiculous glasses onto my face and sat pondering...  Was this some kind of prophetic insight into the rest of my life?? Images of me morphing into an old spinster, with three-inch thick glasses adorning my face, came to mind. Love-ely.

But then, the more I sat there, the more I was struck with how irrational my doom and gloom thoughts were. I mean who cares, anyway? Why was I letting those thoughts ruin my afternoon???

So what I'm watching a movie with a bunch of nose-picking, preschoolers?!! ( I like fairy tales!!-and I don't care if they're not true to reality, either!!)

I have a choice as to whether or not I am going to be content with my situation and enjoy where I am in life right now, or let ungrateful, impatient thoughts ruin my disposition for the rest of the day. What the heck good will that do me? Or anyone else?

Nope. I determined I would put those thoughts aside and enjoy the company of one of my best (also single) gal pals, and that was going to be the end of it.

Yes siree. If you didn't guess, the movie was Tangled and I found it to be very enjoyable after all, and I have to admit, one of my favorite fairy tales that Disney has put out.

Call me cheesy but I even teared up when the father and mother lit their sad little lantern and released it with all the hundreds of others in hope that one day their lost little girl would find them again. *sigh...very touching

Ok, so I wont spoil it for you by saying anymore, in case you plan on seeing it.

Just know that if you find yourself in a similar situation in life to me, it really doesn't seem to profit one bit when we wallow in self pity. It just ruins our day. 

We should embrace where we are and let God lead us where he will, when he will. His plan is a lot higher and bigger than mine ever could be. And, on top of that, He knows best for me. I can't change my circumstances ahead of God's timing so I might as well accept them as where he wants me to be at this time and put a cheerful attitude on. 

I know He is pleased with this kind of attitude.

What say you? Are you game to try with me?

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