Thursday, June 16, 2011

Solitude With You

Solitude with You, is Bliss.
Sitting here on a chair by the window,
in the rare quiet of an afternoon.

Time stands still.
My life and the busyness of what I stuff my day with,
comes to a sputtering halt.

I like this.
I like sitting here with You,
Gazing out the window at all that is golden and orange, 

shimmering on the bony tree branches.
They are your design.

You are breathtaking, genius in King-size form.
You absolutely floor me.

Render me speechless.
Words can't come close to describing
what I feel about You,
in light of every bit of knowledge
I gain, day by day.

You created this moment in time.
It is your design.
You fill my heart and mind to capacity.
until the very thought of You,
takes my breath away.

Why is it then that I so often, closet you away
for the majority of my days?
I only think of you,
Between trips to the grocery store,
to school, and to work?

What did you do to deserve the meager remains of my day?
How come I persist in being so fickle?
You, who never tire of my company and
I, who bore so easily.
You deserve someone so much better than me.
You really should go,
and find someone else worthy of your company.

And yet...
I turn around and there you remain!
You never left.
You never leave.
You always stay.
You are persistent and entirely good.
You are my Great Pursuer.


You hope I will take initiative,
to pursue you in return.
To determine and decide,
that you are worth my time and
worthy of all sacrifices.


I am completely captivated.
If you never did anything else for me,
it would be enough.
Because you are enough.
You owe me nothing.

It's simple, really,
I have decided,
I love you and I will serve you,
Till the day that I shall die.

So until then,
continue to meet me.
Here, there–
Just like this.

Throughout my day,
I promise to wait for you,
to think on you,
to talk to you,
to make time for you.
Just like this.

1 comment:

  1. This is simply beautiful! I love those quite times just enjoying fellowship with Him. I love how He is our Great Pursuer. Never forsaking, always chasing and wooing.


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