Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Resolutionary D-word

Ahh... a New Year...
People throwing around resolutions and pledges, left and and there.
Commercials and ads, and tv shows and articles...
All around me are suggestions for what I should be aiming for in this new year:
How I can better myself.
Become the new and improved me.

Loose weight and exercise more.
Get out of debt.
De-clutter my life.
Enjoy new experiences.

The list goes on...and on...

Normally I have a pretty lengthy list that I make for myself.
Naturally, I never write any of my resolutions down...
So inevitably,  I forget about them in a few months.
Or at least, forget about why I thought they were so important that I should make a huge drastic life altering change and commitment to, well, change.

Which leads me to to the reason, probably, why I never see lasting change in my life (in most cases)...
because...get ready...

I lack:


This word is huge.
It loometh large.
Way large, in my head.
I struggle with it...still.

Remaining constant towards a fixed mark...
Cultivating and training myself in areas that produce healthy new habits.
Remaining steadfast.
Persevering when I don't feel like it. At. All.

I admit to you rather sheepishly–
in case I shall shock you speechless
and have you amass great disapproval for me...

I am inexplicably drawn to laziness
Human nature at its lamest.
The desire to do nothing;
to expend the least amount of energy possible;
to settle for mediocrity, or less than,
and try to pass it off as fabled accomplishment.
It's just too easy to walk down the lazy man's path...

We, humans, are destined to do and be great things.
Because our father is a King.
The King.
King of the Universe, and beyond.
I am made for so much more than,
half-hearted life attempts,
and so forth.

So this year.
My resolution is to cultivate: Discipline.
In so doing, I should be able to tackle all the rest of these items, right?
Discipline is key
Key to everything and all the rest.
–and uh..writing things down helps a lot too. :)

So here's hoping you too make some divinely inspired goals for the new year
and stick to them with resolve and perseverance.


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