Thursday, June 16, 2011

Photo Montage Identity

If you have a bit of spare time and you are feeling the creative bug hit you, try your hand at making a photo "mosaic" montage that describes YOU.

I. type your answer to each question into flickr search.
II. using only the first page that comes up, pick an image that fits "you".
III. copy and paste the image url into mosaic maker or make your own version.

1. your first name: jeanine
2. fave food: pasta
3. favorite color: green
4. dream house: country cottage
5. ideal job: creative kind
6. fave superhero: batman
7. favorite holiday: christmas
8. favorite book: Shirley by Bronte
9. fave outside activity: a long walk

Thanks to all the folks at flickr whose photos I used and 
to the girl whose blog I originally found this idea on–oop, sorry, I can't remember which one–but fabulous idea!

Ohh and check out my friend's photo montage right below, for further inspiration:
photo montage example

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