Thursday, June 16, 2011

Our Mutual Friend

"I have made up my mind, Pa, that I must have money. And I feel that since I cannot beg, borrow, or steal it, I am resolved, I must marry it!"

So declares the heroine of this week's Period Drama Spotlight:

Our Mutual Friend

Another one of Charles Dickens famed works and–I know
you are astonished–another one of my very favorite period drama adaptations.
The novel was written in 1865, just five years before Dickens's death.
It's a story that weaves together two very dynamic plots that diverge and overlap together with startling revelations, secret identities, unrequited love, class barriers, and
an unclaimed fortune.

One of the story lines centers around Bella Wilfer, who becomes the ward of 
a newly rich couple and is horribly afraid, if she doesn't marry rich, she'll end up miserable and destitute and unhappy. There is something very unsettling and very mysterious though about the secretary that stays with them at the house. He seems to watch her. A great deal. And she's not sure she likes that one bit. 

What's he hiding?
Will she ever realize that marrying for love and happiness 
is far superior to that of wealth and riches?

hmmm.... you'll just have to see!

Lizzie Hexam's story follows a parallel path with Bella's until their stories converge around the halfway point and take on altogether more intriguing and possibly sinister turns.
Lizzie is a poor girl. Her father makes money by dragging dead bodies out of the Thames River and selling the belongings found. 


Lizzie dreams of a better life for her brother, but doesn't think it is possible for her.


She has a chance encounter with a lawyer and his well to do friend and partner.
She could never hope to catch his eye, and certainly if she had, 
she'd never be worthy of a life with him or any other respectable person.

This is a delightfully engaging Dickens adaptation. If you have a hankering to sit down
for a nice long, engrossing, excellently acted British drama––than this is the film for you. 
Let me know what you think and how you liked it!

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  1. I have never seen this one, I will put it up on my list.


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