Thursday, June 16, 2011

No other Village quite like it...

 "Put no further pastries to your lips for you will choke when you hear the news I must report..." Miss Pole

 This week's period drama spotlight is on the delightfully quaint and supremely charming series
written by Elisabeth Gaskell and adapted to BBC film:


I enjoyed putting the graphics together for this one. Lots of great photography to play around with. 
No copyright infringement intended. 
Hope you like!

Cranford, a novel by Elizabeth Gaskell, and first published in 1851 by a magazine called, Household Words to which Charles Dickens was editor of.

The story follows the goings on of a passel of single women who make Cranford
their home. These "Amazon" women, as Gaskell termed them, are to Cranford what milk is to cookies:
a given.

They spy on their neighbors. 
They support one another's crazy schemes.
They step on each other's toes. 
They take offense.
They forgive and forget.
They prod love along.
And their hearts lay in the right place, 
despite their often misguided choices and the inevitable unintended results.

Their journey through the seemingly mundane everyday existence is
cataloged in such an engaging and compelling way that it has the power
to keep the viewer riveted to their seat, heart earnest to travel back to such a seemingly
lovely place and time, where life was simple, friends were numerous, 
and everyday was to be treasured and enjoyed. 

"...I bethought me how deep might be the romance in the lives of some of those 
who elbowed me daily in the busy streets of the town in which I resided."
— Elizabeth Gaskell

"How easy it is to judge rightly after one sees what evil comes from judging wrongly."
—Elizabeth Gaskell

Cranford is a 4-part miniseries that I think you will enjoy very much. 
And due to its great success on the air, a second 
installment of two episodes was released last Christmas entitled, Return to Cranford. 
I'll let you glimpse more of the story with the following trailers:

Happy Viewing!!

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