Thursday, June 16, 2011

New Blog Design

Well, by accident or by providence my old blog domain name and design fell by the wayside. Note to self: Next time make sure you haven't just gotten off a 12 hour night shift before fiddling around with said blog. It is such a mess :((
Anyways, I am still trying to relink all of my old posts and relink to my new domain name. 
Could computer html land be any more obnoxiously vague when it comes to this??? 
Gosh...I wish I was a computer wizard...but I most certainly am not.

Although if I was, I would totally live in the Emerald City.
Ok, I know, that's off subject but I found that cute illustration and I had to share...
Illustration by Marchine

Anyways, I had to go back and repost every single blog posting I've done in the past to make sure it carried over because I couldn't seem to import everything. 

I know.  

Alas...I am not a wizard or technological needless to say I've been totally exasperated.

I still have all of your saved comments from the old blog, but unfortunately they are all in my archive and can't be accessed on the actual blog posts by you or other friends. 
But good news is that at least I still have them!

I hope you will all continue to walk along side of me in this journey.  It's quite a lot of fun for me and blogging is like therapy without the cost. So, win, win, at least for me. For you, well..I'm not sure what... :)

I know I may have blasted the "entertainment" industry in last post...but fear not, I shall still add the occasional Period Drama Spotlight. 

From time to time, one needs an escape...I need the escape.

I felt the need for blog overhaul because it matches so distinctly with the overhaul that is going on in my own life and heart right now, brought on by life circumstances and changing times.
I have a new outlook and perspective on what's important in life and my own in particular.
I'm very interested in what is going on with yours as well and covet your insights and responses.

Okay. Enough said...


  1. I would be petrified to change my blog address. I just know that I would screw something up! Have changed yours on my blog roll :)

    I love your new header too :)


  2. Thanks girly. Oh my, I know. What a mess. Oh well. Never do that again. At least not the way I went about doing it. BTW in response to your last comment if I hear God leading me over to yonder Australian lands be sure I will find you!! Haha That would be so awesome :))

  3. Yeah I thought there must have been a problem. I saw thought you had changed your name, but I wasn't able to click onto it. I wasn't getting your blog updates either. I stopped following you and then hit the follow button again, and now everything's fine!

    Can I just say I really admire your change in direction. I love blogging, but sometimes I have to stop and wonder at what I am actually blogging about. Does it mean something, or is it just a lot of frivolousness. Escapism is great, but it can easily become a god. Thanks for the reminder. I look forward to reading further posts!

  4. @Leah: yahhh...I WILL NEVER switch up like that again. I should have just started a new blog, would have been easier.

    Thanks so much for your encouragement and I love how you put it about blogging and even living life. Exactly. Glad you "got that". :)))


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