Thursday, June 16, 2011

The March of the Giants

They are everywhere. They are stalking me. Their eyes gleaming as they lick their lips.
"A tasty morsel," they say. "Let's go after her. Let's sink our teeth into every area of her life and shake it up." "Oh yes, we'll shake her up until she throws up her hands in despair and surrenders to us. Then we will have won. Then we will have robbed her of her promised land."
Torjanic's Little Girl and Giant illustration

You see, I know they are here. Right this very minute. All around me. I see their shadows. I think I even see glimpses of their faces. Ugly. Very repulsing.

The Israelite troop of men who went out with Joshua to report to Moses the lay of their Promised Land, saw the giants inhabiting the land–their land–and were aghast. Overwhelmed with fear and the impossibility of their victory, they turned back, heads hung low and announced to Moses and their people that God had surely made a mistake; this land–supposedly dripping with milk and honey–was as good as a mere vapor.

Mission: totally Impossible.

God: simply not able to come through on His word this time...
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And then my friends...there was Joshua and Caleb.

How is it that these young men saw victory where others only saw through cloudy, dirty, doubt-tinted glasses?

Instead of quaking at the seeming impossibility of their situation, these men set their eyes like flint and held fast.

A bunch of rag tag, bedraggled Israelites up against the steely armed, Amalakites, Hittites, and Jebusites. Giants. Of humungous proportions. In power, and might, and some even in stature. And yet, they still would not be discouraged.

What were these Israelites thinking???

I sit here pondering this very question as I sink my fingers into the keys of my faithful laptop.


Reliable. Loyal. Constant. Steadfast. Trustworthy.

Yes, everything an Apple Macbook should be and you should totally get one...You'll never go back to PC's, I promise.

But anyways...

Those adjectives are compelling. Especially if true. And these words described their God.  

These words describe our Father.

Yes, you heard me right. And I am needing to hear myself repeat this. Aloud. So my ears hear it with my own know sometimes that just really really helps.

This God of theirs, of ours–is the embodiment of  integrity. He is first and foremost true to his word. True to what he says. True to what is written.

He said they would have the land...

He commanded them to go forth and take the land...

And the promises would be theirs as they inhabited the land.

They had to take that huge step of faith...but in so doing...they'd conquer and defeat those Giants.
They simply could not rely on feelings, for in the natural, it was grim indeed.

Ghastly. Seemingly insurmountable obstacles to overcome–in the natural.

But in the spirit?

It was a done deal. Crystal clear.

I used to sneer at those faithless Israelites, and think with a haughty toss of my head, "How could they forget all that God had done for them just a few chapters back? He parted the Red Sea and saved them from a life of drudgery and slavery...why, those ungrateful, whiny, complaining, simpletons!


Well that was until I realized I do the same thing.

Like all the time. Without even realizing it! I forget everything God has ever done for me in light of my current situations.

We humans are so quick to, pretty much everything.

I would be so annoyed with me a hundred times over by now if I was in charge of the universe.

Torjanic's Little Girl and Giant illustration 2

And what about those giants?

I think the giants in the land that Joshua and Caleb saw can represent hurdles, difficulties and obstacles that we encounter during everyday life.

Right now, there are financial monsters creeping at my door.
Infirmity giants that are threatening my family and it's breaking my heart.
Sequestering giants that salivate at the thought of keeping me isolated. Alone and cut off from anyone else who could help to shoulder the load.

The truth is, I feel I am in the greatest battle of my faith yet to date and I desperately want to come out on the victor's side.  But I am so afraid I shall turn down the road of faithless Israelites...

I'm willing to bet, you have some giants lurking around your perimeters as well...

They're out there. They are real. And our enemy who roams around like a "roaring lion" would love to keep us locked in fear and dread and doubt.

But then I look at Joshua and Caleb and see how they offer a clear directive of how to react when faced with life's crisis and difficulties.

Our God is true to His word. He personally cares about my life and the situations I face, just like He did for the Israelites. He gave them his Word and His Promise. He has done the same for us.

He has also given us His Holy Spirit to shoulder the load with us. To help us fight the battle. To stand firm.



The promise still stands today. We are His and He will bring us through–––whatever it is––He will do it and we can get through with our sanity intact.

Wyeth' The Giant
So no longer do I have to quake in panic and alarm. These giants can't truly hurt me. God promised he'd get us through to the other side. The other side!!! I am not alone. We are not defenseless. 

Trust in God. ((this is huge!!!)) This is key for me, I know. He will work all things for good. 

He never said this journey would be easy. I wish he had, but it's not. It's tough. Excruciatingly so, at times. But we must get out of our closets and face these giants head on. They can't bear confrontation. They may look bad and big, but you and I hold some powerful, intimidating weapons of our own; namely the fact that we bear the name of our King. 

We are His. His children. He will look after His own. 

We can walk in boldness in that. 

I'm determined to hold fast to this right now. I am determined not to faint. Not to succumb to despair and defeat. 

I hope you will be encouraged dear friends to set your minds to stand firm.

And set your faces like flint.

Isa 50: 7 
"Because the Sovereign Lord helps me,
I will not be disgraced.
Therefore have I set my face like flint,
and I know I will not be put to shame."

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  1. Oh, man. I needed to read this right now. I tend to get so caught up in "What if.." scenarios that I'm tempted to become paralyzed by fear and anxiety. I loved the phrase "We will have robbed her of her promised land," because that is exactly what Satan tries to do. He tries to cripple us into ineffective beings, when our inheritance is so much greater than we can even imagine. Thanks for sharing this. It touched my heart.


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