Thursday, June 16, 2011

Made By Survivors

Since the Christmas holiday is fast approaching, I thought I'd take the time to post on my blog an organization that I find to be very important, relevant, and making a positive, impacting difference on countless women and children.

"Made By Survivors helps survivors of slavery and sex trafficking rebuild their lives after they have been rescued from unimaginable situations. They are provided with a sustainable income, education, and help reintegrating into society. MBS works to prevent slavery in high risk communities such as red light and refugee communities, by creating jobs for adults and through volunteer trips and donations to their shelter partners for rescue, school fees, emergency needs and reintegration."
To learn more about them visit Made By Survivors
These women (in India) have been taught a useful trade and are selling handmade
jewelry, handbags, wallets, scarves–and all sorts of other things! 

They are beautifully crafted.

They make lovely gifts!

When you buy them, you can know that you are helping to support women 
who have come out of horrible circumstances. No one 
should ever have to be subject to what they have been.

The UN estimates that 2 Million women are trafficked EVERY year.
“They are threatened with violence and held against their will. They are exploited for sex, forced to work, and even killed for their organs.” –UN

This is one, very small way, that we can help them.

check it out! :) thanks... 

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