Thursday, June 16, 2011

Look Little Human...

Why, hello there.
It's been a little while since I've had the chance to write.
I've missed you.
Life, for me–for the past couple of months–has been a busy succession of repetitive events
and predictable undertakings of late.
Sometimes chaotic,
often distressing (as my family and I cope with the sickness of 
my dearly loved mother)
recurrently stressful,
and most often punctuated by the waiting game.

I have wanted to write some amazingly insightful, witty
blog posts on some such events, revelations, or interesting tidbits in my life like all of my 
 clever, brilliant blogging friends out there...

But alas...
I have come up empty of late.
I am in constant need of our Father's upholding hand.
Which He does.
So securely and so well.
And so patiently.
As I ask Him to,
and then ask again.
And again.

I needed an outlet though today.
Thought I'd try and relight the embers of inspiration that had grown a bit damp and fizzly...
I needed a blessed outlet for right now. This minute. As I take a deep breath.
And look to rekindle afresh and anew by capturing the art of what lies around me
and the masterful creations of the Great Artist, Himself.
What a lovely, natural, stress relief, indeed.

I looked out my window this morning though, and saw displayed before me,
a very gray, rainy day.
Admittedly, I adore an overcast, drizzly forecast 
because of its undeniable atmosphere and dreary allure.
There is something of a privileged position one feels when they find themselves audience to the
surging undercurrent of emotions that nature and God's creation bring to the forefront of one's immediate viewing attention when a rainy day brews...

It's as if those thundering clouds want to say to me:
"Look little human... There is a whole, wide massive world crying out and beckoning around you.
Lift up your eyes.
Look beyond yourself...
Look beyond your own cares and worries."

I know there's more going on in this world, than just me.
There is so much sadness, and suffering, and sickness, and death.
Jesus gave me this directive: Do Not Be Anxious. About anything.
So I'm trying not to be...
Right now.
Despite looming uncertainty...
And the toll of living in this life.
I am endeavoring...

Surely, despite the foreboding weather that seems to match
my mood so distinctly...surely, there is beauty to be found in this day.
A story to unfold.
A lesson to be learned...

I was determined to find it.

My assignment:
Capture life, today.
And here friends, is what I discovered...

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