Thursday, June 16, 2011

Jane and Edward

(updated 1/12)

In keeping with my attempt to post at least once a week- an up and coming period drama 
movie on this blog, I couldn't help but post this lovely and very tastefully designed poster 
for the newest Jane Eyre movie. 

I do love this gothic romance by Charlotte Bronte, and if you've never read the actual book, 
it's an even more enjoyable read. 

There have been umpteenth movie adaptations, and my favorite was the one released in 2006 with Ruth Wilson and Toby Stephens. 
I couldn't imagine how they could top that one!
But I found myself enjoying this new version very much.
I think because of the fresh new take on the story.
Jane was younger, spunkier and more assertive.
Rochester was played by Michael Fassbender. He's more brooding in this one. Quieter.

 New scenes with the characters that haven't before been treated on film kept me interested and pleased with what was attempted here with this version.

Overall, worth the viewing experience.
Obviously a lot was cut out. A. Lot.
So if I were you, and weren't super familiar with the story, I would see the 2006 version along with this newest version. Than you'll get a nice rounded out education in:
Jane. Eyre.

Do share your thoughts!

Happy Viewing!

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