Thursday, June 16, 2011

Illustrations galore!

I've been wanting to put together a post on some impressively outstanding illustrations and
art work I've stumbled upon, and today I finally had a chance to.
Just a few artist spotlights, to wet your appetites.

Love, love, love illustration. I wish I could spend hours of my time becoming more
accomplished at this, exploring it out, practicing, and honing skills...but I simply have 
too many other things I am trying to focus on that I can't seem to find the extra 
time to devote to it. For now. 

Illustration was one of my favorite
classes in Design school. As much as I love Graphic Design,
I immensely love the creative outlet that presents itself through placing good
ole' pencil and paint to paper and canvas. 
I get shivers just thinking about it :))

I particularly love portrait and people-based art. It is fascinating to me to be able to capture 
a life form on paper and with the mere stroke of a writing implement, bring them to life...
Have them take on the shapes and physical characteristics of real-life human beings.
It's fascinating.

Below are just a few paintings and illustrations I thought I'd share with you this week.

The iconic Gibson Girl drawings by Charles Gibson. Wish I could style my hair
this way today and get away with it :)

 Cole Phillips; painter in the turn of the 20th century; very stylistic. check out
how their clothing shapes meld right into the background. Love this!

Lt. Edmund Dulac; Rt. Ruth Sanderson

Painting is just another way of 
keeping a diary. 
~Pablo Picasso

 Ruth Sanderson


 Charles Gibson


Lena Sotskova

Ok...and one more!

sorry, don't know this one either...but the artist certainly created an outstanding sense of 
movement and action here. sweet.

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