Thursday, June 16, 2011

Gems and Smog and Psycho Killers

The Ruby In The Smoke:
A Sally Lockhart Mystery

This week's period drama spotlight...
This is the first novel (and movie) in the series by Philip Pullman about a young girl whose father has suspiciously drowned. He has left her a mysterious note referring to "the seven blessings", which she has no idea the meaning of, and yet, at the mere mention of it a businessman keels over, dead as a doornail. Hmm....curious indeed!

With no other family to help or care for her, Sally is forced to grapple with increasingly harrowing encounters with unsavory people and sinister circumstances all by herself and is close to despairing, until she chances on a fortunate encounter with a brother and sister, who promise to join forces with her.

Shadow in the North
 A Sally Lockhart Mystery

This is the 2nd installment of the series.
Hey recognize in below pic?–it's Matt Smith on the rt (the newest Doctor Who :))

You can rent these from or Netflix etc.

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