Thursday, June 16, 2011

Garrows Law

 This one is for all you folks out there who love law and order type shows–
I can't even believe how many of these kinds of court drama shows there are these days.

So, let me offer you the perfect Period Drama alternative!

 A captivating new show!–err..well–new to me. It's been out 
for two seasons already but I just started watching it recently.
My interest has been piqued, to say the least.

The show reveals a fascinating glimpse into 1780's British Legal System. 
It is set in London, just prior to the French Revolution.

The story centers around William Garrow, a young new lawyer who
 becomes the first to be established as a defense lawyer in the court system.

Garrow is quick-witted, tenacious, a little arrogant, and very unrelenting in
his desire to see the underdog championed in a court system–
that at the time–had only prosecutors, jurors and a judge. 

Can you imagine having been arrested for something you may or may not have done
and then  being told you have to make your own defense to the jury and judge,
all by yourselves???

oh dear...

Makes me feel blessed for the system we now have in place, despite its many
drawbacks because at least everyone gets fair representation, even those who can't afford it.

Anyways, this pretty much meant, whatever way the prosecution wanted the jurors 
to decide on a case (which would be for the prosecution–obviously) then,
that is what the jury would vote in favor of.

It is all based on true accounts and cases from the Old Bailey Archives (in England),
 of a true man in history who pioneered "rigorous cross-examinations
of prosecution witnesses" which paved the way for what 
our judicial system looks like today.

Click below for a quick trailer for the series:


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