Friday, June 24, 2011

The Fall

Every once in a while, if the mood strikes and you need a little de-stressing in your life, 
well I do believe a good period drama film is the ticket.
Wouldn't you agree?

In honor of the much anticipated new film by Tarsem Singh that will be released
in March of next year Snow White...

I thought I would highlight one of his previous movies that I think is an artistic genius of a film set in California in the 1920's and in a parallel fantasy land in this week's  

Period Drama Spotlight:
The Fall centers around a young Romanian girl who is in a hospital after 
breaking her arm. There she comes across a silent movie stuntman who has been severely injured in a stunt act gone wrong and broken hearted from the recent loss of his girlfriend. 

These two form a bond throughout the movie as he warms up to the girl 
and entertains them both by weaving a story set in a magical parallel land about six heroes who
are bent on killing an "Odious Villian". Fiction though, will soon begin to blur with reality as the viewer will see...

This movie is genius on so many levels.
The girl actor, Catinca Untaru is absolutely A M A Z I N G. She is so natural and real and the rapport between her and Lee Pace, the male lead, makes the viewer feel like they aren't watching a scripted film at all but instead, real life events unfolding between two friends. 
Totally awesome right??

Well anyways, this movie is worth the watch just to see the cinematography alone, as well. 
Reviews and critics have described this movie as viewing an art exhibit on a moving picture screen.
It's like each scene tries to outdo the next in beauty and creativity.
The beginning 5 minutes integrates an evocative soundtrack with an even 
more awe inspiring set of black and white film clips.

I would really recommend renting this movie from or Itunes instead of watching it on youtube. The quality just isn't that good and to really enjoy this film it should be done right! 
Note: This film is rated R for violence and gore in some of the fantasy fight scenes.



  1. Wish I could find this on iTunes Australia. Looks amazing.

  2. Oh no! You cant?? Hhmmm...if you have netflix you could? Not sure if they have that over there in Aussie land (online renting site).

    You just have to be able to view it some way! I usually don't like posting movies I don't think everyone will be able to find out there no matter what country your from. In fact a few really good period drama movies I've seen but are only available in limited countries so I'm not even going to bother highlighting them because there is nothing more frustrating than seeing a teaser for it and than not being able to actually see it for yourself!!!! :(

    But do let me know if you find it! Sorry girl.

  3. I remember seeing this trailer ages ago, and I thought it looked amazing, but I haven't thought of it since until now! I must see it!


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