Thursday, June 16, 2011

"Doctor, Doctor Come and See..."

I am so excited to share with you this week's period drama spotlight. 
I am baffled that I only just recently stumbled upon this gem of a series–and only like a week ago! Where have I been hiding myself all this time?

But I must say–I am like totally hooked, fanatical, and mad about this show. 
Ladies and Gentlemen,
I present to you:

Casualty 1900's  / a.k.a. London Hospital

It is all based on true accounts, memoirs and records kept from the London Hospital 
at the turn of the 20th century.
The hospital motto: Refuse No One.
It is located smack dab in the heart of the East End of London–largely made up of 
lower class and working folk and the very poor of the poor.

The series follows the progression of new and seasoned nurses as they grow in their skills, and experience, and how they handle patient care and the chemistry and conflicts
that arise from working with various house doctors, patients, and surgeons.

I am fascinated by the origins of some of our medical technological advances and
much of it started to originate at this very time, and some–in this very hospital!

Things like the X-ray machine,
anesthesiology, and treatment with UV light...truly fascinating.

And this show does a great job of keeping fast paced (like in a real ER) and 
shows the nitty gritty of what it would have been like to work in a hospital at this time. 

We're talking full invasive surgeries––with no gloves, people!!

You must give an episode or two a try and step back into a world where
antibiotics, vaccines, and gloves were not yet invented.

Viewer beware! 
There is some blood and guts if you are of the more squeamish
type then I forewarn you, you'll probably want to close your eyes for a few parts ;)
Don't say I didn't warn ya!

All but the second season can be viewed on youtube.
I have currently bought the second season through Amazon's very convenient:
Video on Demand option.

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