Monday, June 27, 2011

Devious weapon...

I was beat.
Trounced upon.
Face squished in the mud.
And then for further good measure, I was given a sucker punch. Straight to the gut.

Ok, so no, not literally, physically beat up, but I was struck down verbally by someone I knew the other day, and it left me gasping, even if only figuratively, for breath.

Defenseless, there I lay in a pool of my own defeat and dejection, unable to mutter more than a stuttering filled reply to their not so veiled accusations. Apparently I was inept, incapable of simple tasks and brainless to boot. They may not have said those exact words but that is exactly how I heard them. I'm not that good with comebacks and had no quick-witted returns which probably confirmed their convictions as to the truth of what they were saying about me.

I wont go into the particulars about the whys of what was said. Doesn't really matter. I know what they said was wrong. And it's entirely probable that the person wielding the steel tipped tongue didn't realize how their words would stick in my head for days after or how really hurtful the things they said actually were. 

Words spoken out into the atmosphere have the ability to lift up, cut down, propel forward, suspend back, give hope and take joy.

It's amazing how much damage can be done so quickly and effortlessly. I may have been at the receiving end of those blows this time but how often have I been the one dealing them out? How often do I speak first, inflicting grave injury and think later??

Ugh...totally disgusted by this. With myself for doing this. So often.

I am determined to set a guard over this unruly member. It's under lock and key. 
 The tongue is a mighty weapon. The wise are wise indeed who learn to control it.

"Speak clearly, if you speak at all.
Carve every word before you let it fall." 
–Oliver Wendell Holmes


  1. It's a situation that is never pleasant, but how sweet in spirit of you to turn it around and use it to do good, strengthen your own self ~ xox Alexandra

  2. Oh, ouch. Been there. Done that. On both the receiving and the giving end. How very powerful the tongue is. Let me use it for something positive right now: You are by no means inept or incapable! In fact, you are kind, clever, intelligent, sensitive, adept, efficient and more! Love you!

  3. To be on the end of a barrage of cutting words - not a pleasant experience. The tongue can indeed cut sharper than a mighty sword.

  4. @Alexandra: thanks for your lovely comment :)) I'm convinced, looking at it positively is the only way to get the better of those feelings.

    @Melody: I'm glad you found me again :)) heehee... And thank you for such lovely and encouraging affirmations! Wow. You are A W E S O M E. Love you girly.

    @RItchie: too true, and how it does cut. Thanks for stopping by and commenting :)

  5. I can totally relate to this and I totally agree that we should think carefully about what we say to others and be kinder that what feels necessary. Sometimes I agonize over how many people I may have hurt with my words and wish I could issue some sort of public apology.

  6. "A good person produces good things from the treasury of a good heart, and an evil person produces evil things from the treasury of an evil heart. What you say flows from what is in your heart." Luke 6:45

    So often when we get hit with critisim rather than feedback it's more from what the other person is struggling with or hurting through than us.

    When I've ever been on the receiving end of words like these, after I've secretly stopped sobbing (lol) I look to see if there is a grain of truth and then I let it go. Sometimes I even pray for that person ;)

    Hope this many weeks later you are doing well :)


  7. @ Hannah: Thanks for sharing...that would be nifty if we could just cover over our many injurious statements with these mass-wide public apologies... :))

    @ Miss365: Hey there girly :) Love hearing from you, you know that?? :)) And thanks that is encouraging...after secretly balling my eyes out...I try to see the truth in what is said as well, if any, and then go from there. It is a good practice to get into, no matter what...this is very true!

    Hope you are well :)))


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