Thursday, June 16, 2011

Cross Roading It

((don't judge me based on this outfit))
I'm tired of living my life through books.
Living vicariously through other people's considerably more fascinating lives than my own.
Reading fiction and watching movies that inspire, transport and take me to incalculable heights only to have me come tumbling back down to the rocky earthen ground called reality when once it is at it's end.
I've got a grand imagination and so do you and God has seen fit to give it to us. So shouldn't we be using it to help propel us into a future that is fulfilling and book-worthy all on our own?
To live this life and make a difference.
For Him...For His Kingdom...For eternity?

"At every crossroads on the path that leads to the future, 
tradition has placed 10,000 men to guard the past." 
–Maurice Maeterlinck 

The entertainment industry grossed more than 10 Billion dollars last year.
Why so staggering??
Because people want an escape. Live for the escape...
Because I believe so many of us are not doing what we could be doing. What we should be doing. What we were made to do.
We settle for mediocrity. We settle for what is safe. The practical destinations. The certain and risk free ports of call.
We were created for so much more. That is why a life built around the traditions of man that fit so neatly inside a predictably patterned box just doesn't seem to satisfy for so many people.
It's just not enough.
It falls flat. We are easily bored and often unfulfilled.

It's no longer enough for me. Not anymore.
No, I'm not doing anything just now. No crazy life altering moves just yet.
I'm waiting...and praying...
On God.
And I believe He will show me what my life could look like if I accept His no holds barred living alternative. That risky faith walk that doens't make sense in the natural, but that makes perfect sense in His economy. In His brilliant design and for His exhilarating purposes.

It's a challenge. Anytime you face stepping outside that box.
There is uncertainty.
Your friends and relatives will look at you like you lost your mind. Took leave of your senses. Fell out of the tree and simply gone batty.
"What?–You're quitting your job???", "You're moving where??!!"

But that's ok, right?
Because if we truly call ourselves Christians–followers after that radical Jesus guy–than a life like that begins to look more like the life He lived.
Which in and of itself is pretty sweet.
He was God after all.

That's a life worth living like...and I'm ready. How bout you?


  1. Oh, my goodness. You took the words right out of my heart. As a fellow book/movie lover, I also get so caught up in adventure/love/action stories....all the while fearing that I'm missing out on my own wonderfully penned tale by the Ultimate Author. Great post!

  2. Thanks Emily, glad to know I'm not the only one :)) But thankfully we don't have to miss out. Nope. God is faithful and He is totally able to direct and lead if we are willing to drop those reins. Thanks for commenting girly :))

  3. So very true... it is so easy to get caught up in an imaginative world not your own, and neglect the calling right in front of you. Well said, friend!


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