Thursday, June 16, 2011

Clever Words Dear...

I possess a prodigious fondness for the use of a varied vocabulary.

Ok, so I admit it...I'm a word nerd.

I love words. Big words. Rarely used words. Old fashioned words. Odd words. The kind of words that, when you say them, deliver to you oddball, curious...and/or baffling stares from your audience–whomever they may be. Because let's face it...our vocabulary today has been dumbed down. Simplified. The sad case is that people just don't use those big interesting words anymore...

And I am sad about this!

Now, instead, we can use one word: Sick–and it means not only nauseous and unwell, but also awesome, impressive, disgusting, morbid, and weary of–all rolled into one four letter word.

Can anybody say B.O.R.I.N.G.?????

Now I'll be honest, I usually don't think of those crazy cool long words to say until after the fact. When I'm pondering a conversation I've had in my head or whatever. But there is someone I know who can pull it off often, and with aplomb: dad

He is a veritable–Wordsmith. (say this word out loud. Go's rolls off the tongue deliciously, almost as much as aplomb) :))

I have heard him use this interesting word before. I had never known it was an actual legit word.
I mean, I've heard of blacksmith, silversmith, and um candlesmith(?)...

But a Wordsmith? Um...No. Never.

But it is in the dictionary, friends. And Webster is usually right. My dad too :))

It means someone who is a prolific writer, and an expert in the use of vocabulary or words.

I'm sure it helps that my dad has degrees in English and Reading. And he'll whip out these fantastical words left and right on you, if you don't watch out. He's intellectually crafty that way...

So anyways, I've come to the conclusion that there is no excuse for me not to exercise my intellectual vocab knowledge and start articulating better. Why, you ask? Uh duh...because it's totally fun. And really cool, and because we'll all look smarter and be better able to describe things and prove our points in the great wide world.
"We have too many high sounding words and too few actions that correspond with them.
 ~ Abigail Adams

I issue you the challenge: become a Wordsmith this week!

You may need to break out your thesauruses or dictionaries or just google some neat-o words. Alas, do not fear––I know you can do this because you are all clever, witty, and contain within your noggins, veritable Word-Geniusness just waiting to break forth. It is a truth. Universally accepted–and even Jane would agree. 

And um, I'm going to try and not use the slang "sweet" to encompass every single thing that I find outstanding, delightful, sophisticated, beautiful, and admirable...I know, I know...a hard one–I use this word at least ten times a day. Goodluck!

"What's another word for Thesaurus? "
~ Steven Wright 



  1. I have recently come across the word "Tune-smith" Which means someone who writes songs for a living. Example; Hillary Lindsey.

  2. That is fascinating!! Who knew?? a Tune smith, you say...makes sense. I love that you shared that on here! Thanks U. Sandy :) Hope you and the fam are well :))


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