Thursday, June 16, 2011

Christmas Cheer 2010...

Christmas is coming,
I've finished making lists and purchases,
and now all that is left to do is prepare my recipes and food–with
the help of my sister of course–
for the feasting that will follow.
I'm very excited because my brother will be flying in.
We are sure to have lots of fun when he is around.
yay :)

One of my favorite things to do when Christmas shopping, is to browse through 
shops that have Christmas ornaments and other gifty items and decor.
I would love to buy it all up and then stash it in every conceivable corner of the house.

Something about those warm lights and cobbled village houses in particular
that fill me with a sense of childish delight...

As a kid I used to wish upon a wish that I could bring to life the figurines
in my mom's Christmas Village and live there with them–all year round. 

They always seemed so happy and full of joy, with their waxen smiley 
faces that stay the same year after year.

The warm lights shining from the homes and shops beckon me still.
They remind me of warmth, and family, and abundant blessings from God.
They represent Christmases of past, present, and future

With each passing year I've grown older and hopefully wiser...
Life has certainly taken turns that I never would have imagined.

Life may not be like the fairy tale existence I imagined of those villagers, 
what with the reality of all life's tragedies and sickness and darkness.
But there is a whole lotta goodness, and joy, and hope too.

I know God is faithful. He stays the same. Never changes. Never gets old or outdated.
I know He represents everything that is wonderful, good, warm, and noble.

I'm glad that even though life is not a fairty tale or the wished for idealyic 
Christmas village life...

It's even better because He is real, and in my life, and bigger and better
than the best ever fairy tale story.

He makes all things new. And fresh. And better.

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