Thursday, June 16, 2011

Bygone Couture

Well, for my part, and your part...we are works of art! Just us, with no special adornment–created by our Heavenly Father 
to do and be a great many things...

and it doesn't matter, one iota what we look like...thank God for that! :)

But this quote piqued my interest

It's a fun thought to wear a bit of art–wouldn't you say? 
I never thought of clothing in that way really–as art.

I love looking at art...I love seeing other people's creations.
Whether it be paintings, sculptures, sketches, 
scrapbooks, photographs, interior design, graphic design...all of it!

I enjoy creating too, probably even more!

 Wearing this is a neat concept that many might overlook.

Ok, can I admit something?
I feel jipped when it comes to fashion. 
Today, less is more. The skimpier the clothes, the better. 
It's such a shame! Such great waste of clothing and style potential. 
And don't even get me started about jeggings...LORD help us!

Course there are many designers today who design tastefully, 
yes it's true...but humor me here, if you will.

I consider many of the fashions of bygone eras to be far superior 
then those of today...No, I would not like to have to wear a corset 24-7 or
be allowed to wear a pair of comfy chords or jeans when the 

mood strikes...but to be forever cut off from a world where I am denied 
the opportunity to wear long flowing ball gowns and intricately designed 
stitch work and hats and just seems unfair somehow....*pouting*

So, I decided I'm hosting my own fashion show on this post in honor of: 

Bygone Couture 

enjoy :)
(doctor who)

(young vic/annie leibovitz)

(annie leibovitz)–love love love the fairy tale shoot!
 (amazing Grace/duchess)
  (marie antoinette)

 (downton abbey)


(my travels through wiliamsburg I) 
 (travels through wiliamsburg 2) 

(wivesdaughters/n abbey)

(keira knightly/unk) 

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