Thursday, June 16, 2011

Berkeley Square

The time? 
The place? 
The distinguished West End of London. 

Three young women, from various and intriguing backgrounds and personal lives, embark on
new and fascinating adventures–in this week's period drama spotlight.

The film?

the 1998 British Mini-series: 
 Berkeley Square 
From my very first viewing, I was hooked! 
Absolutely L.O.V.E. this series and still remain forlorn :( that they never continued it
after the first season. It is 10 episodes long in length–just think of it as a really extended movie.

Don't worry: It does wrap up a lot of the story lines quite satisfactorily by the conclusion–enough so,
that you don't feel totally jipped that they stopped it.

It is DEFINITELY worth the viewing for all my die-hard Period drama fans.

These three women, who are nannies, all go to live and work in the houses of rich lords and
ladies who all have little munchkins of their own that need tending to. 
These girls get the job done while maintaining friendships, love and crazy personal
lives–and responsibilities which make for some very tricky balancing acts.

It's a good clean wholesome enormously entertaining series...Can you tell I really like it?

You can rent the whole series on netflix or watch on youtube here:

or you can just go ahead and buy the series on Amazon!

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