Monday, June 27, 2011

Devious weapon...

I was beat.
Trounced upon.
Face squished in the mud.
And then for further good measure, I was given a sucker punch. Straight to the gut.

Ok, so no, not literally, physically beat up, but I was struck down verbally by someone I knew the other day, and it left me gasping, even if only figuratively, for breath.

Defenseless, there I lay in a pool of my own defeat and dejection, unable to mutter more than a stuttering filled reply to their not so veiled accusations. Apparently I was inept, incapable of simple tasks and brainless to boot. They may not have said those exact words but that is exactly how I heard them. I'm not that good with comebacks and had no quick-witted returns which probably confirmed their convictions as to the truth of what they were saying about me.

I wont go into the particulars about the whys of what was said. Doesn't really matter. I know what they said was wrong. And it's entirely probable that the person wielding the steel tipped tongue didn't realize how their words would stick in my head for days after or how really hurtful the things they said actually were. 

Words spoken out into the atmosphere have the ability to lift up, cut down, propel forward, suspend back, give hope and take joy.

It's amazing how much damage can be done so quickly and effortlessly. I may have been at the receiving end of those blows this time but how often have I been the one dealing them out? How often do I speak first, inflicting grave injury and think later??

Ugh...totally disgusted by this. With myself for doing this. So often.

I am determined to set a guard over this unruly member. It's under lock and key. 
 The tongue is a mighty weapon. The wise are wise indeed who learn to control it.

"Speak clearly, if you speak at all.
Carve every word before you let it fall." 
–Oliver Wendell Holmes

Friday, June 24, 2011

The Fall

Every once in a while, if the mood strikes and you need a little de-stressing in your life, 
well I do believe a good period drama film is the ticket.
Wouldn't you agree?

In honor of the much anticipated new film by Tarsem Singh that will be released
in March of next year Snow White...

I thought I would highlight one of his previous movies that I think is an artistic genius of a film set in California in the 1920's and in a parallel fantasy land in this week's  

Period Drama Spotlight:
The Fall centers around a young Romanian girl who is in a hospital after 
breaking her arm. There she comes across a silent movie stuntman who has been severely injured in a stunt act gone wrong and broken hearted from the recent loss of his girlfriend. 

These two form a bond throughout the movie as he warms up to the girl 
and entertains them both by weaving a story set in a magical parallel land about six heroes who
are bent on killing an "Odious Villian". Fiction though, will soon begin to blur with reality as the viewer will see...

This movie is genius on so many levels.
The girl actor, Catinca Untaru is absolutely A M A Z I N G. She is so natural and real and the rapport between her and Lee Pace, the male lead, makes the viewer feel like they aren't watching a scripted film at all but instead, real life events unfolding between two friends. 
Totally awesome right??

Well anyways, this movie is worth the watch just to see the cinematography alone, as well. 
Reviews and critics have described this movie as viewing an art exhibit on a moving picture screen.
It's like each scene tries to outdo the next in beauty and creativity.
The beginning 5 minutes integrates an evocative soundtrack with an even 
more awe inspiring set of black and white film clips.

I would really recommend renting this movie from or Itunes instead of watching it on youtube. The quality just isn't that good and to really enjoy this film it should be done right! 
Note: This film is rated R for violence and gore in some of the fantasy fight scenes.


Thursday, June 16, 2011

New Blog Design

Well, by accident or by providence my old blog domain name and design fell by the wayside. Note to self: Next time make sure you haven't just gotten off a 12 hour night shift before fiddling around with said blog. It is such a mess :((
Anyways, I am still trying to relink all of my old posts and relink to my new domain name. 
Could computer html land be any more obnoxiously vague when it comes to this??? 
Gosh...I wish I was a computer wizard...but I most certainly am not.

Although if I was, I would totally live in the Emerald City.
Ok, I know, that's off subject but I found that cute illustration and I had to share...
Illustration by Marchine

Anyways, I had to go back and repost every single blog posting I've done in the past to make sure it carried over because I couldn't seem to import everything. 

I know.  

Alas...I am not a wizard or technological needless to say I've been totally exasperated.

I still have all of your saved comments from the old blog, but unfortunately they are all in my archive and can't be accessed on the actual blog posts by you or other friends. 
But good news is that at least I still have them!

I hope you will all continue to walk along side of me in this journey.  It's quite a lot of fun for me and blogging is like therapy without the cost. So, win, win, at least for me. For you, well..I'm not sure what... :)

I know I may have blasted the "entertainment" industry in last post...but fear not, I shall still add the occasional Period Drama Spotlight. 

From time to time, one needs an escape...I need the escape.

I felt the need for blog overhaul because it matches so distinctly with the overhaul that is going on in my own life and heart right now, brought on by life circumstances and changing times.
I have a new outlook and perspective on what's important in life and my own in particular.
I'm very interested in what is going on with yours as well and covet your insights and responses.

Okay. Enough said...

Cross Roading It

((don't judge me based on this outfit))
I'm tired of living my life through books.
Living vicariously through other people's considerably more fascinating lives than my own.
Reading fiction and watching movies that inspire, transport and take me to incalculable heights only to have me come tumbling back down to the rocky earthen ground called reality when once it is at it's end.
I've got a grand imagination and so do you and God has seen fit to give it to us. So shouldn't we be using it to help propel us into a future that is fulfilling and book-worthy all on our own?
To live this life and make a difference.
For Him...For His Kingdom...For eternity?

"At every crossroads on the path that leads to the future, 
tradition has placed 10,000 men to guard the past." 
–Maurice Maeterlinck 

The entertainment industry grossed more than 10 Billion dollars last year.
Why so staggering??
Because people want an escape. Live for the escape...
Because I believe so many of us are not doing what we could be doing. What we should be doing. What we were made to do.
We settle for mediocrity. We settle for what is safe. The practical destinations. The certain and risk free ports of call.
We were created for so much more. That is why a life built around the traditions of man that fit so neatly inside a predictably patterned box just doesn't seem to satisfy for so many people.
It's just not enough.
It falls flat. We are easily bored and often unfulfilled.

It's no longer enough for me. Not anymore.
No, I'm not doing anything just now. No crazy life altering moves just yet.
I'm waiting...and praying...
On God.
And I believe He will show me what my life could look like if I accept His no holds barred living alternative. That risky faith walk that doens't make sense in the natural, but that makes perfect sense in His economy. In His brilliant design and for His exhilarating purposes.

It's a challenge. Anytime you face stepping outside that box.
There is uncertainty.
Your friends and relatives will look at you like you lost your mind. Took leave of your senses. Fell out of the tree and simply gone batty.
"What?–You're quitting your job???", "You're moving where??!!"

But that's ok, right?
Because if we truly call ourselves Christians–followers after that radical Jesus guy–than a life like that begins to look more like the life He lived.
Which in and of itself is pretty sweet.
He was God after all.

That's a life worth living like...and I'm ready. How bout you?

Ugly Stepsisters...

Had to post above image because I just love this cover art!!
"Now in these shriveled days, when light is not as full as it used to be, the luxury of imported china is long gone. We sip out of clay bowls, and when they crack we throw them on the back heap, to be buried by oak leaves. All green things brown. I hear the youthful story of my family played out by children in the streets..."
-Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister
This Week's Period Drama Spotlight

Based on the 1999 novel by Gregory Maguire (author of Wicked):
Confessions Of An Ugly Stepsister 

This newer and original retelling of an old and traditional fairy tale is charming and a
lovely addition to any collector or viewer of all things period drama related.

The "ugly" stepsisters...

Clara (or Cinderella) and the Stepmother

This is a retelling of the classic story by Iris, the oldest step-sister. She is plain, quiet, and 
endeavors to keep the peace between her sisters while looking after the needs of her family. 
She discovers a love for painting where she meets Caspar, a master painter's apprentice and 
someone whom her mother of course, disapproves of.

Due to a precarious financial situation that the family finds themselves in, the girls mother 
devises a plan to send her own two girls to a grand ball in hopes that they will win the eye of the prince and restore their dignity and wealth. 

She fears Clara would only seek to disown her new family in her selfishness if she were to win him
and so she is locked away for the night. But for love of their new step-sister the girls devise their own plan to include her and deliver her to the ball.

So goes this fairy tale...

It reminded me a little of Ever After.
Loved that movie as a teenager (and still do :))

I love a good twist on a much loved classic and I believe you will too with this one.

You can watch this on youtube (although the quality isn't great) or you can buy it 
quite cheaply on

As always...

Happy Viewing!

Secret of Moonacre

"How can I possibly go to live in the country? It's full of...the countryside." 

So says the heroine of this week's period drama spotlight.
Now traditionally I tend to highlight "classic" literature adaptations to screen, e.g., Austen, 
Gaskell, Dickens etc...

But I happened upon seeing a trailer of this delightful film awhile back 
and never had the opportunity to view it. And since it is set in the past,
costumes are most definitely involved, and there is drama to be had, well then...
Need I say more...??

So without further adieu, let me introduce you to...

The Secret of Moonacre
Screen adaptation of Elizabeth Goudge's novel The Little White Horse
 Maria Merryweather receives an old dusty book as inheritance from her 
recently deceased father, and little else since the poor man's estate is eaten in debt.
She scarcely has time to read the fairy tale within its pages before moving in with her uncle, who promptly takes it away from her, as it apparently disturbs him.
Life soon begins to reveal strange parallels to the story and even
stranger events begin to happen. Suddenly Maria is faced with a monumental task of 
uniting feuding families, restoring lost love, and figuring out what the heck 
kind of outlandish mess she has landed herself into.

While this story is written for young adults...I admit to having enjoyed it thoroughly.
It was charming, whimsical, sometimes comical, quirky, 
and even redemptive. 

So if you have the opportunity, I would recommend a viewing of
this fun, artistically filmed movie...and do let me know what you think!

((And in my opinion, worth a viewing for the sumptuously designed 
costumes and set design alone!))

You can rent this film from Amazon, Netflix or Blockbuster, and I'm sure anywhere else movies are rented or sold :)

Happy Viewing!

Look Little Human...

Why, hello there.
It's been a little while since I've had the chance to write.
I've missed you.
Life, for me–for the past couple of months–has been a busy succession of repetitive events
and predictable undertakings of late.
Sometimes chaotic,
often distressing (as my family and I cope with the sickness of 
my dearly loved mother)
recurrently stressful,
and most often punctuated by the waiting game.

I have wanted to write some amazingly insightful, witty
blog posts on some such events, revelations, or interesting tidbits in my life like all of my 
 clever, brilliant blogging friends out there...

But alas...
I have come up empty of late.
I am in constant need of our Father's upholding hand.
Which He does.
So securely and so well.
And so patiently.
As I ask Him to,
and then ask again.
And again.

I needed an outlet though today.
Thought I'd try and relight the embers of inspiration that had grown a bit damp and fizzly...
I needed a blessed outlet for right now. This minute. As I take a deep breath.
And look to rekindle afresh and anew by capturing the art of what lies around me
and the masterful creations of the Great Artist, Himself.
What a lovely, natural, stress relief, indeed.

I looked out my window this morning though, and saw displayed before me,
a very gray, rainy day.
Admittedly, I adore an overcast, drizzly forecast 
because of its undeniable atmosphere and dreary allure.
There is something of a privileged position one feels when they find themselves audience to the
surging undercurrent of emotions that nature and God's creation bring to the forefront of one's immediate viewing attention when a rainy day brews...

It's as if those thundering clouds want to say to me:
"Look little human... There is a whole, wide massive world crying out and beckoning around you.
Lift up your eyes.
Look beyond yourself...
Look beyond your own cares and worries."

I know there's more going on in this world, than just me.
There is so much sadness, and suffering, and sickness, and death.
Jesus gave me this directive: Do Not Be Anxious. About anything.
So I'm trying not to be...
Right now.
Despite looming uncertainty...
And the toll of living in this life.
I am endeavoring...

Surely, despite the foreboding weather that seems to match
my mood so distinctly...surely, there is beauty to be found in this day.
A story to unfold.
A lesson to be learned...

I was determined to find it.

My assignment:
Capture life, today.
And here friends, is what I discovered...

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